Cody Tracy


Name: Cody “Codes” Tracey ’15

Part: Tenor II

AKA: The Shmoozer

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Major: Spanish

Solos: Stitched Up, I Can’t Lie

Interests: Serenading via a cappella or guitar, dance parties,
HeyTell, John Mayer, felafel, Weezer’s the Blue Album, Sansquidward.

Fave ManOPs song: Shall Not Walk Alone. Oh… wait… potentially She Will be Loved. But for now… Knife.

Best ManOPs memory: Rooftop singin’. Sleeping in Sam’s bed. PGill serenade. Pre-show pump up in Alumni.

Fun Facts: Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo… I eat with
my left hand but write with my right.. favorite dance move: cabbage
patch… I’ve been working on my sideburns for one year.


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