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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Just watched you on 207-you’all were great -would you be interested/available to do a show on May 6-tuesday evening 7p.m at the New Life Community Center on college st. in Lewiston-just down the street from Bates-It would be part of a celebration for Early Childhood Educators. Look forward to hearing back from you and again -you guys were Awesome!
    Tahnks -Debbie B.

  2. I recently saw a plug for your 207 appearance on WCSH. I find you’re using of the word “manic” in your group name to be offensive.

    Although there are obviously acts out there with offensive names I would expect more from a group of college students in 2009. Manic is a term that’s ultimately used to describe a symptom of bipolar disorder which affects at least 3 million Americans. It is the same as calling your group “MalignantOptimists” or “MentallyChallengedOptimists”.

    Unless one or all of you suffers from bipolar disorder and you’re heightening awareness I suggest you change the name out of respect for people who battle with this serious disorder everyday. I’m sure no harm was meant by the name but it might not be a bad idea to change it. Good luck with your group and I wish you all the success in the world, thanks.

    • Hello JB,

      We, as a group, use the term “manic” as it is described in the dictionary.

      Manic (man-ik) – adjective – showing wild and apparently deranged excitement and energy: his manic enthusiasm, his manic grin

      We apologize if you were offended, but as you can see, our name has no relation to the bipolar disorder you refer to. We are simply Manic(ly) Optimistic about life! Using the word Manic is very different and in no way similar to using the word “malignant” or phrase “mentally challenged”


      The Manic Optimists

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