Past ManOps

Here’s to our alumni. From those who began the group way back in 2000 to those who just recently graduated, we salute you, fellow ManOps. As a way of remembering you, we thought a page with your names would do. If you would like more info posted (such as class year, contact email, ect.) or if we forgot you altogether give a heads up.


Danny Birkhead (President)’14

Charlie Grant ’14

Grady Hogan (President)’13

Dan Friedman ’13

Ian Dulin ’12 (President)

Sam Goldstein ’12 (Business Manager)

Santo Detorre ’12

Jack Schneider ’12 (Music Director)

Shashi Shankar ’12

Chris Albanese ’11

Andrew Bernard ’11 (President)

Drew Gallagher ’11 (President)

Nick Kourides ’10

Ryan Pollie ’10 (Music Director)

Brenden Julian ’10

Will Brunnquell ’10

Josh Lake ’09

Tyler Infelise ’09

Dylan Mogk ’09

Sam Evans-Brown ’09

Jason Tsichlis ’09 (Music Director)

Russel Richie ’09

Stuart Ryan ’09

Ethan Warren ’08 (President, 2 years)

Chad Casey ’08 (Webmaster)

Dan “Amish” Seltzer ’08

Ryan Griffin ‘07

Taylor Maher ‘07

Will Hornick ’07 (Music Director)

Michael Springer ‘07

Brad Oriel ‘06 (Co-President)

Michael Williams ‘06 (Co-President)

Andrew Haserlat ‘05 (Haserlat/Treasurer; President)

Bryon Viechnicki ’05

Izzy Ishizuka ‘05

Ari Goldmann ’03

Arthur Ward ’03 (Music Director, Original Member)

Chal Congdon ’03 (Co-Founder, Original Member)

Mark Prelli ’03 (Co-Founder, Original Member)

Jon Mellen ’03

Curt Lyford (President)

Dan Robarts

Grant Johannessen

John Shestakofsky

Mark Gaworecki (Webmaster)

Mark Schwartz ’01 (Original Member)


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